gratis php counter script beispiel (german) free php webiste counter script example (english)

Configuration of SimpleCounter

On this page you can configure your counter. This page should be reachable by the internal users only. You should protect it by a .htacces file or you may insert a user authentication. On the right side you can see the current status of your counter.

Initialize counter with given values

In the form below you are able to set the counter to an initial state.

Start date: (format: YYYY-MM-DD)

Internal users

The next form is for switching the counting of internal users on or off. Internal users are separated from other visitors by a cookie, which is set automatically if you change the configuration in the form below. When you have done your changings, you have to click on the "submit"-button. Note: This only works if cookies are enabled in your browser configuration! You can download the script at Free PHP Counter Script Download.

Don`t count internal users
Count internal users

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