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Demonstration of the php counter script

On this page you can see the demonstration of the PHP counter class, which is the implementation of a simple visit-counter – it counts both page hits and page visits. For the configuration of the counter there is also an appropriate backend. The homepage counter was inserted on this page as described in the example on the page free PHP counter script download.

Status of the counter

In the table below you see the status of the counter. Notice, that the status of the visitor counter can be changed or reset at any time by another visitor. If the counter begins again with 0 or another value then the counter has been reconfigured by another visitor.

now online (visitors):1
visits / visitors today:4
page hits / page views today:4
counting since:2019-02-11
visits / visitors total:263
page hits / page views total:7416

Configuration of the counter

At the configuration page of the counter you can reconfigure your homepage counter to individual values. You can reset the counter to zero or set the counter to an individual counter state. In addition to that you can mark yourself as an internal user. When marked as an internal user, your visits and page impressions will not be counted.

Download of the textcounter script

From the page free PHP website counter you can download the counter script for free. Here you can find a simple example which shows how to integrate the website counter into your homepage. The counter class is documented detailed in so far the functionality will be easy to understand. More information about the usage of MySQL with PHP you can find at the PHP MySQL Tutorial (at this time in German only).

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